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Elevate Resident Satisfaction

Engage Families

Senior living is experiencing heightened competitive pressures and need to differentiate themselves to stay relevant. TSOLife is perfect for organizations looking to champion individualized care in ways families have come to expect.

Seniors feel celebrated and valued when they're asked about their favorite memories. These narratives hold a rich context into the residents' lives while providing comfort knowing that this is how they will be remembered.

Families have peace of mind knowing that their loved one is receiving this level of individualized care. Engaged families mean an increase in satisfaction, positive experiences and less influence on resident turnover.

Preserve Your Legacy Online

Our TSOLife mobile application enables your staff to easily capture the life stories of your residents, while our family-facing online platform organizes and preserves these stories.

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View your life story on a story wall, timeline, or global map.

Legacy Documentary Service

A personal legacy documentary - a short film of you or your resident seamlessly sharing life stories- ensures these stories will never fade. it's the perfect to honor a beloved senior, mark a special occasion, or showcase your residents to prospecting families.

Our team will professionally capture your favorite life stories in a video interview to create a 15-minute unique documentary.

Just schedule your filming date, and our team will ensure your community and families have a truly memorable and lasting keepsake.