Your community connected through storytelling

Preserving life stories has never been easier.

TSOLife’s culture-defining technology allows your community to connect around life experience, leading to organization-wide improvements to your bottom line.

TSOLife’s mobile application allows you to easily capture your residents’ life stories. These stories are then automatically preserved on our online platform and enjoyed throughout the community to provide personalized care, inform personalized selling, and build bonds between staff, residents, and families.

Watch how it's done.

Value for your Entire Community

Value for Communities

  • Form genuine caregiver/resident bonds that decrease caregiver turnover by 17%
  • Improve resident quality of life
  • Save time with automated collection and digital resident profiles
  • Define your culture and bring your community closer together

Value for Life Enrichment

  • Innovative programming with a 70% resident adoption rate
  • An exciting volunteer recruitment tool
  • Show families their loved ones are engaged
  • Enjoy easy-to-use technology

Value for Sales

  • Gain a personalized selling tool
  • Increase occupancy by 5%
  • Enjoy higher close rates

Value for Marketing

  • Gain a unique marketable differentiator
  • Increase word of mouth referrals
  • Collect engaging content for newsletters and social media
  • Easily tell the story of your community

“With the addition of TSOLife the staff feel like they are making a difference in the residents’ lives and this brings them closer to the resident, helping them to understand their story. And by understanding their story and maybe what they’ve been through in their lifetime, they know how to better care for them. They can sit down and have a conversation with them and give it more of a personal touch instead of just doing a job.”

- David Abner, Administrator at Spring Haven Retirement of Meridian Senior Living

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Spring Haven Retirement Testimonial: Why You Need TSOLife

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