Using AI, we’re providing insights to make key business decisions.

TSOLife Minerva is a first of its kind business intelligence platform using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create powerful dashboards with a suite of information and personalized tools for staff to put prospect and resident knowledge into practice. We provide actionable insights and fuel decision-making in your community.

Simplified Data Collection

Resident and prospect information is easily collected in audio interviews captured with the TSOLife mobile app.

Resident Insights

Resident insights are displayed in a powerful and comprehensive dashboard.

Lead Insights

Know your ideal customer type. View data on who your prospects should be and where to find them.

Leveraging voice-to-text to automate data collection

By pairing voice-to-text functionality with TSOLife’s proprietary smart form technology, we completely automate the data collection process and eliminate discrepancies from manual data entry.

“I’ve been really thrilled with the program. The interview process gives us a much better ability to connect with the residents and the new people moving in than the paper profiles do. We’re not sitting there with a clipboard and a pen, we’re sitting there eye-to-eye. It’s much more personal. It creates a bond.”

- Terri R., Memory Care Director at Benchmark Senior Living

Community and corporate level insights

All of your communities’ data aggregated into searchable dashboards. This powerful tool knows exactly how each community, each region, and the entire company as a whole can use your resident data to make better-informed decisions.

“I would love to see this become part of the move-in process before move-in,to sit down with the potential resident and the family. Make it a part of the sales process. You could educate the staff before the resident even gets there. Personally I like to do them myself, because what are we in this for if it’s not to connect with people?”

- Barbara S., Senior Director of Customer Experience at Benchmark Senior Living

Personalize the sale, know which prospects will convert

Using TSOLife’s lead insights platform, your sales reps will know which prospects to focus on and which will most likely convert. By leveraging TSOLife’s automated data entry, sales reps save immense time taking notes and can spend more time in the selling zone. TSOLife’s AI-powered lead scoring algorithm designs your ideal customer based on your current residents and scores leads based on how well they match this ideal customer type.

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