Trip to Las Vegas Strip

Travel Story

Aug 1, 2016

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

If you are driving to Mandalay Bay, we recommend going around towards the back side to park. There is a parking garage specifically for the Mandalay Bay Convention Center and the Shark Reef. With kids, you’ll appreciate the closer parking and the easy access.
– They have a fun “green-screen” photo op when you enter, and the photographer suggests specific poses for photos you can purchase when you leave. The photos turned out great, and we couldn’t help but purchase them. Be prepared for that extra expense as a souvenir of your trip! (In general, be prepared for LOTS of extra expenses for souvenirs in Las Vegas).
– The Shark Reef was not overwhelmingly big, but it was fun for the kids, and there is no rush to get through it. The hands-on touching of the jelly fish area was the most popular when we were there.
– For an additional $5 per person, we were able to visit the “Polar Journey” experience, which is an interactive exhibit about the Earth’s polar regions and conveniently located right next to the Shark Reef. The kids enjoyed this one too!
– We absolutely LOVED Mandalay Bay, and will probably plan our next overnight stay there. The facilities are easy to navigate AND the pool is amazing. You must be a guest to swim there (OR pay a hefty fee for a reserved seat or cabana), but after having seen several pool areas on the strip, I’d consider this one of the most family-friendly. There is a wave pool and a lazy river, along with regular swimming areas.

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