My favorite place on earth

Early Childhood Story

Jun 15, 1970

Mackinac Island, MI, USA

When I was growing up in Michigan, so many memorable things filled my summers. Outdoor adventures in the woods, summer camp sleeping in teepees, bonfires and s'mores, catching lightning bugs in jars, the county fair, hiking, biking, swimming in the lake, water sports, weeks spent barefoot at the cottage and of course, warm nights eating soft serve at Tasty Twist.

But of all the amazing memories from those Michigan summers, some of the memories I cherish the most are the ones I made with my family on Mackinac Island. If you're from Michigan, you most likely know all about Mackinac (or Mackinaw, depending on who you ask) and have probably visited the island at least once in your lifetime. And if you're not from Michigan, all I can tell you is that it's this small, almost unbelievably magical island in Lake Huron, just east of the bridge that connects the Lower and Upper Peninsulas of the state, where no cars are allowed, bikes and horse-drawn carriages abound and the Grand Hotel is something so incredible, your eyes will barely be able to believe what you're seeing. My family spent many a summer vacationing at the Grand Hotel and riding horses around the island, and it wasn't until I was older that I really understood just how unique and special the island really is. It's bursting with charm, and I've been dying to go back to Mackinac to ride the ferry, taste the famous fudge, see Fort Mackinac, walk the streets of historic homes and churches and experience the place that filled my childhood memories.

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