How I Picked My College

Education Story

May 5, 1969

Columbus, OH, USA

I had been told by my college adviser that I was pretty sure of acceptance at one very selective liberal arts college and I had one the outstanding alumni from an Ivy League college in my corner at another; so I only applied to two places. Come April 15 (that was the reply date then), I had nowhere to go. My college adviser gave me a choice between two good schools (one a state university and one a small liberal arts college) that he was certain would accept me at that date. I made the choice to attend the state university.

I was given a bit of advice at my graduation by the speaker (I cannot remember his name) — “get involved in something” (it didn’t so much make a difference except that it had to be something in which I was interested). That has meant everything to me and I continue to give that advice to all the students whom I counsel (I am a college counselor today). I sometimes use another way of saying the same thing — “it doesn’t make any difference WHERE you go but WHAT you do where you go.” If a student has done his or her “homework” then the choices he or she has will all work out well if the above advice is followed.

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