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Dec 13, 2013


I think the most memorable meal I have ever eaten last December 13 of 2013 on our Christmas vacation to the Philippines. There was a lechon (roasted pig), a bam-i (fried noodle), tinolang manok (ginger native chicken soup), goat caldereta, dinuguan (pork blood stew), fresh lumpia (spring roll), and rice. For our dessert was a fruit salad and a Filipino native wine name tuba made from coconut.

It was memorable because of the presence of my family in the beautiful Philippines celebrating Christmas with me. The combination of food and having family enjoying the food was the most memorable one.

List 3 culinary herbs:

Lemongrass – The lemongrass is a tall perennial plant that has its own aromatic scent. It has a strong citrus flavor. It also has a multi-purpose use like fragrance for tea, flavouring for food and it has a medicinal uses. The aroma of lemongrass takes the natural smell of the pig, and the citrus flavor enhance the flavor of the roasted pig.

Scallion – is a young onions with a long, thin white base that has not yet developed into a bulb and long straight green stalks, it has a milder flavor than a mature onions, It has a slightly pungent flavor. The pungent flavor added taste to the roasted pig.

Bay leaf – It is came from a small tree with glossy dark green leaves. The leaves are the one use for culinary use.


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