Teaching at Shorecrest

Occupation Story

Aug 8, 1977 to Jun 6, 1986

Tampa, FL, USA

Since I directed the plays, most of the funny stories are connected with cast members and rehearsals, that sort of thing. I remember one night, I think both our children were born Jeff and Betsy were born, and I was working late at school over the dinner time and I called home to see how everything was. And Sylvia said "I'll have to call your back. A fireman just came to the door." And that's when she hung up the phone on me and I was wondering why there was a fireman at the door. There was an electrical fire with the light socket on and everything was all right. It was a surprise.

I spent my first year in the School of Commerce because everyone said I was good at dealing with people and I'm a good salesman. So one yer in the College of Commerce and I realized that wasn't for me. I had been in my high school play and that was kind of fun so I thought maybe I'd try theater, speech, or education. So that's how I got into that. The last three years in college I was on the theater staff as a student assistant stage manager for their productions. And that was a worthwhile experience. We had fun.

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