Several Jobs Throughout the Years

Occupation Story

Jun 1, 2017


I had several jobs, and it dawned on me after I wrote them all down a couple of years ago that my brothers never worked until they got into their first professions. I was the only one who was out there earning money.

My first job was delivering Saturday Evening Post. I had taken over my brother Charles's route when he went to high school. This was delivered on bicycles. And then I substituted occasionally Newspaper. When someone, a boyfriend would be out of town, and I'd deliver newspapers.

I suppose one of my first paying jobs was Pronto Puffs. What you call it? Corn dogs. I had to walk there. That was probably about a mile from the family home. So I had to walk to and from there was another place, something like a big bev and they had a sign in there "Help wanted". So I thought that sounded closer to home. So I thought I'd take that job. I remember those days, we asked our parents permission to do a lot of things even though I was in college at the time. I asked my father about changing jobs from Pronto Puff to this little restaurant, The Peachy, and he questioned me about, "Why did I want to change?" and all that. you know that. I guess the coup de gras of the whole thing was that I told him I'd smelled better. And he broke out laughing and didn't have anymore questions to ask me, so I moved to there. And I ended up being the morning cook on duty by myself, and I had regular customers who would come in, and we got to be good friends. And usually they'd order the same thing every day. I'd try to get it on the grill before they sat down even. When I'd see their car drive in I see their car. That's when I was on the theater staff at Ohio State.

I was stage manager and property manager for the school theater production, which was a paid position. It wasn't much, but it was a paid position, and I met a lot of people there.

Didn't you work at a bowling alley? - Yes, the bowling alley. We had bowling. There were a lot of bowling alleys around, and during the week nights, it was league bowling, and I couldn't set pins for them, because they had the professional setters. The bowling alley where I worked, they had quarters for the regular setters. But on weekends, I could set pins, and they used racks. You'd pick up the pins that fell down and set them in the rack, and then lower the rack and set the pins. I remember I could pick up two in each hand, and one of the regular guys took pity on me, and showed me how to pick up three in each hand. Because you had to get out of there or the next ball would roll down and hit you. That was kind of an interesting job and the regular setters who lived in were not... They were not Rhode's Scholars, shall we put it that way. And I'm sure my parents did not realize the quality of these people, but they were all good men. I remember they had a little cafeteria back there which they ate at, and they had sausage sandwiches, and I loved those sausage sandwiches.