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Important Milestones Story

Jun 1, 2017

900 Heritage Way, Brentwood, Tenessee, USA


I knew that question was going to come up. I don't believe we've fought as a wedded couple. We've disagreed occasionally, but there wasn't any point in fighting, so we never really fought. We tried to let our children lead their lives without too much supervision from us, because we both had that from our parents, and that was objectionable, I always thought. So we tried not to interfere with their lives, and they've been successful.

Well it's it's been a good life. I had a good youth. Really had no problems. We got along well even on the low salaries for school teachers. We had the summers off. I have no regrets or things I might have done better or differently. It's been a good life and we're happy here at the retirement center, because we can do as much as we want or as little as we want, and we have all the facilities we need. It's been a good life - good childhood, good adulthood, and good marriage.

All the climbing and everything we did, we didn't break a leg or arm. It was a good youth.