Asking For Sylvia's Hand in Marriage

Marriage Story

Jan 1, 1952


The proposal was really interesting. Sylvia's parents were from Italy and had moved here from Italy to Columbus, Ohio, and we called them "Old School" or "Old Country". When I wanted to propose to Sylvia, I asked my father, "Do I ask her father permission to marry her?" He said, "That isn't done much here, but he's from the old country. Maybe you better ask."

So the night I wanted to propose to her, he was watching television, and I went in and sat down. I said, "I had a question. I'd like to marry your daughter." And he waved his hand at me. "Just a minute. Just a minute. Wait until commercial" or something similar to that. And he quizzed me about two or three things. And I'm sure this happened but Sylvia wasn't there. Before he finally said "How long you've been messing around with my daughter?" Which I thought was a little funny, but of course I couldn't laugh at the time.

Well it turned out later, I was his fourth son-in-law, and I was the first one to have asked him for his daughter's hand in marriage, and he didn't know what to do about it. It was such a new experience, and that's why he was putting me off until a commercial. So, but we got married! I asked her finally, and she did accept, so that was our proposal.