Watching Kate and Diana

Family History Story

Jul 1, 2002

109 Leoni Dr, Islamorada, FL, USA


I remember one time in Florida in Islamorada. Your parents were away, and Grandma and I came down to sit with you girls. Kate, I think, may have been in school, because you [Diana Dupre] were alone, and I took you to church one Sunday evening. You had a campfire under a tent or something like that, and I walked you over to there to make sure everything was under control. I started to walk back to the car, and I heard you call out, "Grandpa! Grandpa! You are going the wrong direction." I was headed out to the main highway instead of the parking lot. So, I always remembered that and appreciated it.

I remember before we came to stay with you, your parents asked if it was alright if your grandparents stayed, and you said it was alright if Grandma promised not to cook fish, because you had been getting plenty of fish, I guess.

So those are the little things I remember.

There are two macaroni and cheese stories. One of them was on Mackinac Island at a restaurant halfway up the hill. They had macaroni and cheese, and you and Kate didn't eat yours, and the waiter asked why, and it was because it had different kinds of cheese in it. It was fancy. The waiter asked your mother [Christi Dupre], "Was there something wrong with it?" And she said "Don't mess with macaroni and cheese. There's only one macaroni and cheese."

Well I messed up with it once on Goat Island. I put tomatoes in it and hotdog sliced up, and you [Diana Dupre] didn't care for that at all, ad your sister [Kate] tried to get you to eat it. And you were little treary about the whole thing and ran out the door. I found out later that you went over to the other cottage where my brother Charles was and you had dinner out of the candy dishes on the buffet - so you fooled us. I messed with macaroni and cheese, but never again with you. We learned our lesson.