Family History Story

Jan 1, 1946

281 W Lane Ave, Columbus, Columbus, USA


Well the oldest brother, I wasn't that close to. But the next one, who was three years older than I am, he and I were closer together. The only story I have - well I've got several stories about it - we used to play Capture the Lantern in Scout Camp. He was older. Capture the Lantern is like Capture the Flag. You're on teams and you try to capture other people. Well my big brother would send me down a dark path to be captured by the enemy, then he would come in and take care of them. Meanwhile I was a scapegoat.

He also used to lean out the bedroom window on the second floor, and I would run across the back yard, and he would shoot at me with a BB gun. Pretty dangerous. I'm sure my parents weren't home for any of that. But we got along well.

When we were in college, we were all three in college at the same time, and we used to take finals study breaks and play ping pong in the basement, and that was always a good break from studying.

My two older brothers had been in the service in World War II, so they were behind in college. So that's why we were all there together. They were in engineering on the other side of Ohio State, and I was in education, so we didn't see each other at school very much. We were all three Phi Gamma Deltas, and enjoyed that activity. It was a good fraternity.

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