Norther MI Vacations

Travel Story

Jun 1, 1929

Great Lakes, Ohio, USA


Our summer vacations were rather interesting. In 1929, my father and mother purchased a 30 foot cruiser for Lake Eerie in the Great Lakes, and so I made my first visit your Mackinac Island in 1929. The old Coast Guard station was down by the yacht harbor, and the harbor was filled when my parents got there in the boat, so the Coast Guard allowed them to dock at their dock, and my diapers hung on the clothesline at the Coast Guard station. No one ever believes that, but mother always told it.

In the summertime we would travel to Kvitova Point on Lake Eerie. My parents were charter members of the Kvitova Class Beach Club, and that's where they kept the boat. We would go up every weekend and travel the Great Lake area primarily, Put-In-Bay usually because it was quiet. Then for two weeks every year, we would go up in Georgian Bay in Lake Huron and around in there. It was a good youth growing up. My parents bought the cruiser, because they had a choice take up trailering or cruising. They figured they'd have more versatility with the cruiser, so they didn't buy the trailer. I'm trying to remember when they got a 46 foot Mathew's, which was a class cruiser. That was sometime around 1940, I believe. That had more room for all of us growing up, and we cruised the Great Lakes in that, getting to Mackinac Island. Then after World War II, my father called it 'The Victory Cruise' because the two boys were back home from the service, and he took the summer off, and we cruised up into the Les Cheneaux Islands, which is near back an island, and fell in love with an island that didn't have any body on it. My parents bought that. Actually my mother gave it to my father for a birthday present, and then they developed the cottages on Goat Island and established that as a summer residence, and he sold the cruiser, and we all visited there. My two brothers and their families, and me and Sylvia and our families - we'd visit there every summer. Good summer vacations.

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