Traveling in the Tent Trailer

Travel Story

Jan 1, 1970 to Jan 1, 1978

California, USA


We had a tent trailer. We had borrowed the neighbors tent trailer to try it out. That's one of those things that unfolds and has a hard body that unfolds to a decent size. We bought our own when Betsy was just going into junior high, I think, and Jeff was younger. We took a grand tour West to all the national parks in California and back. There was always a big funny joke, not just with our family, but after two weeks of being together as a family in the car, you were ready to fight. We were a progressive family - we did it in one week! And I was sure we were going to put them all on the bus and send them home. That was a good experience.

We had a cooking unit... Everybody had a job when we'd come to a camp ground. Everybody had a job to do: to open the trailer, to set up the cooking, and it worked like clock work. Betsy and Jeff used to do special things. I remember at Mount Olympus in Washington. they built some sort of stick kitchen. I can't recall now.

Jeff and I went fishing in the harbor. Well, that was the next summer. The next summer then we went east on a grand tour to all the famous spots.

On our trip west... (I'm kind of rambling and that's not good.) My trip west to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Jeff purchased a Mickey Mouse muscle shirt, which he wore for two weeks straight. It got washed occasionally, but all the pictures of him are in a Mickey Mouse muscle shirt. We often wondered if they were too young for this kind of trip. Every now and then they remember something from the trip, and we didn't know they were paying attention. Betsy and Jeff used to fight in the back seat. Betsy would punch Jeff, and Jeff would punch back. Then he would get called out for it, because we hadn't seen Betsy punched him, but he was good natured about it.