The Houses That Became Homes

Residence Story

Jan 1, 1956 to Jan 1, 2002

285 Arden Road, Columbus, Ohio, USA


Family home after we got married:
The first one, and I will say the four basic homes we've lived in, Sylvia has found them all in diligent research. The first one was the second floor converted home on Summeth Street in Clintonville in Columbus, Ohio. It was on the second floor, and we liked it very much, because it had a screened in porch that we could eat on, and you didn't look out at trunks of trees. You looked out at the tops of trees, and it was much nicer.

Our second home, we rented that one. I was in summer school, and Sylvia was finishing college one year, I think. So we were working in the summers, and then we bought a house on East Como Drive (1956-1964) where both the children were... no Jeff wasn't born on Como... I guess he was. It was a one floor nice brick house on a dead end street which kept the traffic down, and Betsy and Jeff were born there.

I remember a story. I was teaching at North High School and directing plays. So my father had to take pregnant Sylvia to her doctor, and he would get very strange looks from the other patients in the waiting room for this old man bringing his pregnant woman, and then I guess it was when Jeff was born, I was at rehearsal again. Betsy was born and when I was teaching in Central. Jeff was North, because Sylvia couldn't get a hold of me, and she needed to go to the hospital, so Pop brought her down to North, and came in and said, "Take your wife to the hospital." So he had to deliver her halfway. I don't think I ever got over that one.

Then we move from Como to Arden Road (1964-2002) which is where we stay for forty-something years. Both Betsy and Jeff were really raised there, and they started to school in that area, and that was the family home. It was a good home. Your father, Jeff, and I had decided to re-roof the house once, and mom was worried about that. She kept sticking in, "You can come in. Tie it on up there." It wasn't real exciting. Jeff did all the heavy work, because he had to haul the shingles up from the ground up the ladder to the roof. And I don't know why when he got to be a full grown adult, he wanted to build his own house. I thought he learned his lesson building that. Well after his children moved out, we were empty nesters. We got tired of doing yard work, and we were getting older. We've moved into a condo community, which is very nice. They have a swimming pool, exercise room, meeting room, and those other houses.

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