How It Works

The TSOLife Legacy Preservation Tech Solution

Enable your community to easily capture the life stories of your residents, while our online platform organizes and preserves these stories.


Interview a Resident

Through our easy-to-use app, interviewers can preserve a resident’s life stories and upload to our platform with just a few taps.

Audio works wonders compared to video when it comes to recording life stories, which is already tricky to accomplish on its own. You’re able to establish a personal connection as the interviewer instead of having to hold up a camera or a phone in the resident’s face. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the conditions around you as much (lighting, video quality, etc.) When you use audio, you can set the phone down, make eye contact, and capture their life story through a personal conversation. Not to mention, the residents greatly prefer not having to fix their hair and makeup beforehand!

- Jessica C.


We do the heavy lifting

From here, our team transcribes all audio and organizes recordings, photos, videos, and written stories.


Story Assembly and Profile Setup

Audio interviews are separated and labeled by specific stories then uploaded to our platform along with all visual content. (Don’t worry. We do this on our end, too!).


Celebrate and Connect

Once a resident profile has been updated, information on each resident will be stored on our online platform where community members and staff will have access to it 24/7.

TSOLife gives you the tools to ensure meaningful interactions with your residents and keep your families engaged. Let us show you how we together can capture and preserve the story of life.