Using AI, we’re providing insights to make key business decisions.

Using Minerva’s artificial intelligence and predictive technology, we have developed features using those thousands of data points collected to make effective business decisions that affect all areas of your business - such as knowing who your ideal customer is based on current resident information, real-time data creating better engagement and more meaningful connections, and much more.

Features you won’t find anywhere else.

Actionable Insights: Leveraging data with real-time notifications

Using Actionable Resident Insights, staff members will receive real time notifications and leverage data to create personalized touch-points that caregivers can act on. These can take the form of reminders on who to thank on Veteran’s Day, to congratulating residents on a favorite sports team win, and more. The Life Enrichment Coordinator will know what event to showcase for an activity based on the amount of residents showing interest on the dashboard. Caregivers can personalize the conversations with a resident whether it’s their first day or their fourth year at a community.

Resident & Staff Matching: Get more out of your resident profiles

With the information gathered from the onboarding interview, TSOLife’s proprietary algorithm analyzes each resident’s profile to determine which residents have the highest probability to have a meaningful connection with one another. Using the same algorithm, caregivers can also create a profile and match with residents who share common interests with them, forming a culture of connectivity through shared life experiences. Through these genuine connections, people assimilate better to the community and caregiver and resident retention is improved.

“I’m not a tech person by any stretch. But I have to tell you, this is so easy to use. Not only for me to use, but I can show volunteers and others how to use it easily as well.”

TSOLife’s Quality of Life Scoring

Resident Quality of Life is assessed using a validated scale. TSOLife’s platform then makes personalized recommendations for programming that provide measurable improvements in quality of life. See how each community is performing and plan out areas of improvement for company-wide initiatives.

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