Personalize the sales process with Minerva’s Lead Insights

Your sales team deserves good data.

Easy to Use

All you need is your device and the person you’re interviewing. Simply press record and have a conversation with a prospect.

Data is Automatically Uploaded

Key data points from your conversation with a prospect are uploaded and put into an online lead form for you, eliminating manual data entry.

Plan the Perfect Tour

TSOLife’s AI figures out what activities your prospect would love to see, and plans activities and matches existing residents for meetings.

Know Which Prospects Will Convert

Based on your current resident data, you will be able to view prospects in your pipeline that will most likely convert.

How it works: We do the heavy lifting

We designed this process with your sales reps in mind. Our easy-to-use mobile app records the conversations with prospects. Once saved, the audio is automatically uploaded and transcribed into online lead forms with key data points laid out for your sales reps. We pull all data that is needed to personalize the sales process, which in turn saves time for your sales team and eliminates all manual data entry. We also send the data to your CRM, and log outgoing calls that can be recorded. Your sales team will never have to worry about data entry again.


more data collected using voice-to-text technology


hours saved per week on data entry on average

Plan the perfect tour

TSOLife’s perfect tour feature uses AI to generate activities and meetings around what prospects will enjoy. Your sales team will know which existing residents will have the most in common with your prospects so you can set up meaningful meetings. There’s nothing better than making a friend on your first day in your new community.

Know which prospects to focus on with lead scoring

By analyzing recent move-ins, TSOLife’s AI generates what your community’s ideal customer profile looks like. Sales reps no longer have to guess at who would be the most likely to move into a community out of all of their prospects.

Marketing Insights

With marketing insights, know your ideal customer type, and view data on who your prospects should be and where to find them. With existing resident activity data, plan marketing events that would be the most interesting to prospects in your area.