Implement data-driven business decisions using Minerva’s Resident Insights

Meet Minerva. Here’s how it works:


Record conversations using the TSOLife mobile app. Available on iOS and Android devices.

Save & Upload

After saving your interview, audio is automatically sent to TSOLife. We do the heavy lifting.

Enjoy Insights

Leverage your community data personalized engagement, activities, care and more.

We’re changing the way your community uses resident data.

By pairing voice-to-text functionality with TSOLife’s proprietary smart form technology, we completely automate the data collection process and eliminate discrepancies from manual data entry. During the sales process, focus on the conversations that really matter and avoid missing details when trying to write notes. At move-in, data collection is also streamlined during the resident profiling process, saving your staff time and greatly improving the quality of your resident data.

Digitized resident profiles

TSOLife’s resident profiles are designed to replace your existing resident profiling process, saving you time and greatly improving the quality of your resident data. Every resident has hundreds of data points collected by a community, such as likes, interests, needs, goals, and much more.

Community and corporate level insights

Your custom, interactive community dashboard provides a macro view of all resident information on one, easy to view dashboard. From here, you will get a sense of who is really in your community and then leverage this data to tailor activities and services to truly personalize experiences and accommodate all the needs for your community.

Actionable Insights: Leverage your community’s data with real-time notifications

Using Actionable Resident Insights, staff members will receive real time notifications and leverage data to create personalized touch-points that caregivers can act on. These can take the form of reminders on who to thank on Veteran’s Day, to congratulating residents on a favorite sports team win, and more. The Life Enrichment Coordinator will know what event to showcase for an activity based on the amount of residents showing interest on the dashboard. Caregivers can personalize the conversations with a resident whether it’s their first day or their fourth year at a community. See how many actionable insights are recommended, how they are performing, and track how they are being implemented.

“A Veteran in our community told us the most colorful stories, which we wouldn't have gotten otherwise. And because of that, I was able to link him up with another gentleman who had had similar experiences - he’d been a medic, and other stuff, you know. They had a great conversation. Now I’ve been able to create great resident connections, and not just connections with residents and staff.”

Marketing Insights

With marketing insights, know your ideal customer type, and view data on who your prospects should be and where to find them. With existing resident activity data, plan marketing events that would be the most interesting to prospects in your area.

Preserve the legacies of Mom and Dad

Families and staff can also use the TSOLife tool to record longer life stories of their loved ones that will be used to create digital legacy profiles. These can be enjoyed and cherished for generations.