Life Enrichment Solutions

TSOLife’s technology strengthens the bonds between residents and staff
while providing a precious keepsake for the family.

A Program Residents and Families Love

TSOLife has taken the classic bonding activity of storytelling and removed the barriers. Our Program Managers, residents, and families find there is a lot to love. In fact, the TSOLife Legacy Preservation Program has on average a 70% resident adoption rate across the United States.

Staff Approved - It’s So Easy!

Most meaningful activities that engage residents are tedious and disorganized. The TSOLife solution helps build deeper relationships between staff and residents while the process remains simple. There is no need to have audio recorders or photo scanners. Simply press Record, and then get lost in a conversation. Our easy-to-use technology allows you to focus on what truly matters: the resident.

An Exciting Volunteer Recruitment Tool

Legacy preservation with TSOLife is enticing to volunteers looking to make an impact with their time engaging in an activity with purpose. The conversations get to the root of what really makes a person who they are, allowing the volunteers and residents to form meaningful bonds that contribute to an engaging resident experience and keep the volunteers coming back time and time again. We provide structure in an easy-to-use format. No extensive training is needed for volunteers to get started.

“This is so amazing… Thank you. While I know these
stories, it takes on a different level of knowledge when I
hear him ‘speaking.’ I know one day I will treasure this
voice recording much more so!”

– Debbie D., family of Meridian Senior Living resident