Operations Solutions

TSOLife’s easy-to-use technology streamlines processes and fosters meaningful conversations between residents and staff, leading to organization-wide improvements to your bottom line.

TSOLife’s program assists with more than just Legacy Preservation:
Change how your community operates with automated resident profiles.

Minimizing Staff Turnover

Employee turnover is plaguing the senior living industry— with the national average reaching 42%. Chances are, you’ve experienced this industry-wide problem in your community. The TSOLife tool enables meaningful conversations and helps the staff get to know the resident as a person.

The number one reason staff stay at their job is because of the connections they form with the residents. When staff engage with residents through storytelling, a bond is created that directly contributes to retention.

Improve Resident Quality of Life

By engaging in one-on-one conversations about their lives, residents experience a heightened sense of purpose and meaning in life. The value of sitting down and listening to someone’s life story is immense. At the most basic level, it provides someone the peace of mind that their story matters. These types of programs have been shown to improve mental health outcomes, including depression, anxiety, ego-integrity, and loneliness, leading to a higher quality of life and lower cost of care.

Personalized Care

TSOLife’s solution is an ongoing accompaniment to any care plan. Getting to know residents on a personal level is key in providing person-centered care, where the focus is on an individual’s unique goals and life circumstances.

More than a Legacy Preservation Tool:
Digital Resident Profiles

Enhanced Marketing Strategies

The TSOLife program assists marketing and sales staff with personalized messaging through the use of resident profiles. Staff can easily search your resident stories for keywords, offering up opportunities to connect existing residents to potential residents, making your prospects feel at home.

Searchable Resident Database

Resident profiles also help staff give personalized care for each resident through easily searchable archives. The TSOLife online portal provides easy access to resident information while maintaining security and organization.

Resident Acclimation

By using online archives, the TSOLife program helps streamline the residential profiling process. With digital resident information, stories, and personal preferences, communities can help new tenants acclimate quicker and easier during their orientation.