Sales Solutions

TSOLife's legacy preservation solution enables communities to personalize
their sales process by connecting prospective residents to current
residents, making them feel at home in your community.

Provide Families Peace of Mind

Legacy preservation with TSOLife quickly becomes a speaking point on community tours with prospective families. You can easily demonstrate the connections their loved one will build with others in the community and highlight the one-on-one time their loved one will receive with staff. Families will feel peace of mind from knowing the personal attention their loved one will receive.

Personalized Sales & Building Connections

TSOLife’s sales search tool allows your sales team to connect prospective residents with current residents based on similar life experiences or interests. With TSOLife, prospective residents will form a friendship on the first tour, visit longer, and already feel at home in your community.

Fostering Resident Referrals

Happier residents lead to longer occupancy rates and higher referrals. When residents enjoy the community they live in they will be more likely to recommend it to friends and family. One community found that by implementing a legacy preservation program they saw resident referrals increase by 150% over a 6 month period!