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About TSOLife What is TSOLife?

TSOLife provides a secure platform for you to leave your legacy digitally for future generations. We provide user-friendly features that provide the perfect backdrop for your legacy building experience.

Pricing Is TSOLife free?

For free, you get access t most of TSOLife features.

If you want access to all of TSOLife’s features, you can upgrade to Premium for $14.99 per month billed monthly or $8.25 per month billed annually.

For more information, visit our Pricing page.

What are the differences between the monthly subscription and the yearly subscription?

Both accounts have full access to TSOLife’s Premium features. The difference is in the billing cycles. Our members have the options of paying $14.99 per month every month or paying $8.25 per month billed once a year.

For more information, visit our Pricing page.

How do I start my subscription?

You can upgrade to a Premium account at any point in time. When logged in, at the top right of the screen you will notice an Upgrade to Premium button. Once clicked, follow the on screen steps to upgrade your account.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Contact us at to cancel your subscription.

Security & Privacy How secure is my data?

The TSOLife team cares deeply about our users' privacy and data security. We currently use Amazon Web Services (AWS) for our cloud storage. AWS offers the most secure computing infrastructure available.

What are the privacy options for my account?

Every story has its own unique privacy setting allowing you to have complete control over who gets to see what information.

Access I am unable to personally document my stories; can someone assist me in creating my account?

Yes! With our documentary service, we assign you your own historian trained to document your history. We conduct an in-person interview session to capture your life stories. These video-recorded interviews create a 10-15 minute life documentary and build your TSOLife account, complete with transcribed stories, audio narration, and supporting photos and videos. When we are done, we review your account with you and show you how to use the site. This will allow you to add new stories to your account at any time.

Please visit Personal historian page for more information or contact us at (407) 641-1067 or email us at We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have about our Documentary Service.

How do I access my account?

When on the TSOLife web page, click the Login button on the top right of the screen and insert your login information.

How do I allow someone else access to my account?

You can grant access to let others view your account. For each individual story, you can change your privacy settings to Private, Public, or Shared.

  1. When logged in, click My Stories at the top of your screen. Thne click Published Stories.
  2. Click the privacy icon next to the story you want to edit:

  1. You will be directed to a new page. Click on your preferred privacy setting.

  1. Click Save Privacy Settings.

If you choose Shared, you will be prompted to input the email address of the person you wish to share your content with. You must input them one at a time and click Add Email after each email.

To revoke access to someone, click Revoke Access next to their email address.

Can a family member edit my account/can I edit someone else’s story?

You can give someone else the ability to view, edit or remove stories within your TSOLife Account.

  1. Login to your account and click My Account on the top right of the screen.
  2. Click Edit account settings.
  3. You will see a button on the right hand of the screen that says Edit Account Managers.

  1. You will then be directed to input your Account Manager’s email. Account managers are people that you know and trust. They are able to view, edit or remove stories within your TSOLife Account. These individuals can assist with preserving your account.
How do I change my email address/password?

To change your email address:

  1. When logged in, click My Account on the top right of your screen.
  2. Click, Edit account settings and insert your updated email in the Email space.

  1. Scroll to the bottom and hit Save Changes.

To change your password:

  1. When logged in to your account, click My Account on the top right of your screen.
  2. Click Change password.

  1. You will be directed to a page where you can insert a new password.
  2. Don’t forget to click Update at the bottom when you’re finished.
What do I do if I can’t access my account?

Choose one of the following solutions that most closely applies to you:

  1. Ensure that your email and password login information are spelt correctly and your caps lock on your keyboard is turned off.
  2. If you forgot your password, click Forgot your password? and follow the instructions to reset your password.
  3. If you still require assistance contact us at
Can I create one account for a couple or family?

Each account is personal, and we always recommend individuals have their own account. Of course, your TSOLife account is yours and completely up to your own discretion for how you want to use it.

What happens to my TSOLife account when I die?

Your TSOLife account will continue to act as your personal legacy and will be the centerpiece for future generations to learn about you. Ensure that your Stories are set to Public, are shared with your loved ones, or a family member has your login information. Your TSOLife account will be cherished by future generations.