Working at Stetson

Occupation Story

May 1, 1959

421 N Woodland Blvd, Deland, FL, USA


I found a note in my post office box to stop by the admissions office and talk with the director of admissions. My first fear was that I had done something wrong and I wasn’t going to graduate, but he asked me what I was going to do, and I said, “I don’t really have any definitive plans. I had thought about graduate school,” and he said, “Well, I got a deal for you. If you’d come work for me in the admissions office, help me recruit students, you can get free tuition top continue your education and your wife would get free tuition.” So, that sort of sealed the deal. I had no idea that I would stray there, but the second year I was there, I got a promotion to associate director of admissions and a salary increase. Plus, the whole time I was working, my first wife got free tuition, so we had a nice financial package.

When I was doing admissions at Stetson and meeting students constantly and being with high school guidance counselors, my message to them always was it’s not a party school. Now I think our students have fun, and we have fraternities and sororities and other clubs and organizations, but most of the students come to Stetson are pretty serious about education. It has been my experience as an undergraduate student and as an employee at Stetson that we have consistently had a very strong faculty. The student-faculty relationships have always been very positive. We turned out some very fine people, a number of whom have gone on to get PHDs and MDs.

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