The Voice of Stetson Basketball

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Oct 1, 1962

Durham, NC, USA


Well, I’ve always loved athletics. I didn’t play any college sports, but other than intramurals. But, I did play some sports in high school and have always been an avid Stetson athletic follower. Right after I graduated and started working for Stetson, they asked me if I would do the radio play by play. So, I used to go on the road with the team and call the games. You didn’t have to do that at home, because people could see what was going on. So, I would do the public address system at home, but I’ve always had a close relationship to the athletics program and always worked closely with them and tried to promote the program as much as I could. Both when I was in admissions and as an alumnus.

One of my most memorable experiences is when we played Duke at Duke. At that time Sheshevsky had one of the top 10 teams, and we had one of Glenn Wilkes best teams. I don’t think that Sheshevsky knew how good we were, but they wouldn’t come play us in Deland we had to go to Durham was on the floor there right by the court with the radio play by play opportunity. We started out right neck and neck with them. We’d get a point ahead. They’d get a point ahead, and I think that 6 minutes into the game the score was 21 to 20. I think Sheshevsky thought that we were going to be a push over. Then all of a sudden he comes down the floor, “Time out! Time out!” and he turns to one of his assistants and goes, “Who the heck are these guys?” That was a lot of fun, but I had to give that up when I got into the alumni program, because I needed to be on the campus more than when I was doing admissions, because admissions people travel all the time when they aren’t making decisions or interviewing students.

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