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Traveling for Stetson

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Jan 1, 1968

Atlanta, GA, USA

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The opportunity to tell the Stetson story literally all over the world, and when I say over all of the world, I didn’t travel the whole world but I did go to other places. I went to Canada. I went to Great Britain, and South America. Not necessarily to recruit, but as a Stetson person, and when I was in England, I actually did some recruiting. I had problems trying to do that in South America, about the only place I could do it was in American schools, because even though I took two years of Spanish in high school, I was certainly a long ways away from being fluent. I could say, “Donde es el baño?” or things like that. I could find a bathroom, or “Que pasa?” What’s happening? But two years of high school Spanish wouldn’t do the trick. Matter of fact, I did things backwards. I took Spanish in high school, and Latin in college. You should do it reverse.

One of my favorite places was Atlanta, for a couple of reasons. I am a Georgia native. I was born in Georgia, so I still have family ties in Georgia. Atlanta is a very exciting city, and it had been that way for years. I had always enjoyed being in Atlanta and recruiting in Georgia and as well as Florida. As an admissions officer I had the opportunity to be in many a lot of places in the United States that I had never been.


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