Jacksonville of My Youth

Early Childhood Story

Jan 1, 1944

Jacksonville, FL, USA


Well, it was a naval town. The Mayport part of the Navy was up in north Jacksonville, really close to the Georgia line where they trained the pilots. The main naval station, which also did some pilot training and had air fields, was in the south west corner in Jacksonville, which is where I grew up. A matter of fact, our home there was within a mile and a half of the naval station there in Jacksonville. I tell you that to say Jacksonville was a big city in Florida at that time, but it was an expanding city, because of all of those naval bases, and there was even a marine base. There was a lot of ship building. Still, there are several ship yards in Jacksonville, because that’s where the St. John’s River turns and goes into the Atlantic Ocean, so it was in a logical place for a naval station.

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