Choosing Stetson

Education Story

Aug 1, 1955

421 N Woodland Blvd, Deland, FL, USA


I grew up a Baptist, and at that time, Stetson had a pretty strong affiliation with the Baptists, and I thought very seriously about being a minister, so that was the reason that I drifted to Stetson. Plus, I had some friends from high school who were already at Stetson, and they encouraged me to go. I had really thought about going to Florida State first of all, because I went out to Florida State to visit. I had a friend that was a student there. Florida State had only recently integrated. They were all female. The original Florida State was for women, and the University of Florida campus in Gainesville was for men. They had separated the sexes, but Florida State became coed. I think the year was mid-40s. Right at the end of World War II, because so many vets were coming back, and the University of Florida couldn’t handle them all, so they said, “Why do we have the girls here, and the boys there anyway? So, let's integrate both schools!” They both became coed. I tell ya there were a lot of pretty girls at Florida State, because when I was thinking about going to college, it was still about a 2-1 girl to guy ratio. I went out there to visit, and I had fell in love about four to five times. But I was thinking about the ministry, and I had grown up a Baptist, so Stetson was the logical place.

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