The Old Gym

Education Story

Dec 1, 1957 to Dec 1, 1957

421 N Woodland Blvd, Deland, FL, USA


We used to have an old gym, a men’s gym. The women’s gym was on the west side of the campus right off the boulevard on the tennis courts, which was the woman’s gym. I think that they still use it for some women’s sports. The men’s gym was roughly where the admissions building is now. That beautiful brick building, but it was an old, dilapidated building. During Christmas break of 1957, I was either a sophomore or a rising junior. During the Christmas break that December, the building caught fire and burned to the ground, so they had no place to prepare food or serve food. So that old gym… It was an old building. They used the downstairs area which used to be a dressing room area, converted it into a cafeteria, and it was ugly. It really was. The food was good, but the gym floor was still above us when we were eating in the cafeteria, and I remember during the basketball season we would be sitting there eating in the afternoon at dinner time, late afternoon. The basketball players were practicing in this old building, and they would jump and hit the floor, and dust would fall from the roof. You had to cover your food. But we lived through that and everyone made it. Then shortly thereafter they built the union building, the second year following that. I will never forget that… sitting there eating and watching dust fall and hearing the players above the floor.