Integration at Stetson

Important Milestones Story

Jan 1, 1957 to Jan 1, 1957

Griffith Hall, Deland, FL, USA


I think one of the most dynamic moments in my life was my sophomore year when a senior student arose in the student government meeting, which was held in Elizabeth hall in the chapel area. It was during the business meeting with the Student Government Association, and the President called for new business, and a student who was a senior named TK Hederic stood up and said, “Yes, I would like to move that the student body endorse the plan to admit African American students in the fall of 1960s.”

It wasn’t done anywhere else, in a a prominently white institute even in the state university system. It was an interesting situation, because I think my memory was about 60% of the students seemed to be positive about and 40% were not. But it carried and that was when I was moving towards my graduation and was hired by Stetson. The motion was to start admitting African American students in the fall of 1963, and that motion was made in 1957, and I remember distinctly it was TK Hedric who stood up and said that he wanted that to happen, and my first job when I became the admissions officer right after I graduated was to try to find a few African American students for Stetson. I found two guys, both of them went on to earn doctoral degrees after Stetson, but that was the beginning of the integration in the university.

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